Quality Ripped Jersey (Berry)

125,00 kr

Ripped Jersey is the new thing!

Our Ripped scarves are made from a soft and stretchy material that is comfortable and gentle against the skin. The fabric appears smooth and shiny, while it sits perfectly on the head. 
Ripped Jersey is a wrinkle-free shawl, which makes it easy to handle everyday challenges and thereby gives your scarf the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

If you're info Plain Jersey, but need something "new", the ripped jersey is the next thing you should try. 
The Ripped Shawl is a trendy and unique accessory that will give your outfit an edgy and modern touch.
The Ribbed design gives an authentic look that is currently very popular in the fashion world.  The material is in very good quality and has a long lifetime, so you can use your favorite shawl for a long time without losing its style, color and stretch.


Sjalet tåler maskinvask, dog max 40 grader.

  • Vi anbefaler altid at vaske det i hånden eller på skåneprogram, netop for længst mulig holdbarhed.
  • Sjalet tåler ligeledes tørretumling, men dette frarådes også for længst mulig holdbarhed.

For længere levetid af elastisiteten frarådes al brug af skyllemiddel, da dette både kan ødelægge sjalets elastik og glans!