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The most beautiful thing in a woman is not her hair or beauty, but her modesty.

Made for the bravest women in the world.

Wearing a hijab is not easy, and especially not in the West. That is why we at Hidayah.dk have chosen to make shawls for the strongest women the world has ever seen. We feel that all the brave Muslim women who have chosen to wear the hijab deserve nothing less than world-class quality.

We don't compromise on our religion or clothing, and neither should you.

Trustpilot reviews..
I have now worn a scarf for almost 14 years. I have therefore been through the mill with scarves from Wish. To the very expensive ones from Saudi. I am extremely picky, BUT I have found my new favorite place. I am 100% a fan, they are light and airy and incredibly soft. There are no folds or anything that rolls, they sit nicely all day. I am very much looking forward to more colors in the future. Regarding the prices, then they are at your cheap end, especially in relation to the quality. Then you can afford even more colors.
— Aicha E.
Just got my chiffon shawl home and hold on, it's good quality!
The package arrived already 2 days after I ordered it. All in all a positive experience. Will definitely buy from you again 🙌🏼
— Selina T.
Really good experience!
Fast delivery and really good quality scarves.
These are the best I've tried.
Not the last time I shop at Hidayah.
— Emma S.
So happy with my purchase the most delicious scarves full satisfaction here from the easy to put on and fantastic quality already waiting for my next purchase looking forward to receiving it.
— Nasiha L.
I am so happy and satisfied with my purchase! I have bought a scrunchie and 3 jersey hijab. The scrunchie gives me a big but natural bun and the shawls are nice stretchy and big. I can't wait for more colors to come!!
— Hima C.
Great customer service and fast delivery!!! I bought ribbed scarves and I love them! So comfortable and nice material. Will definitely buy from them again!
— Sarah A.
Mega delicious shawls at a really good price considering the quality. Their shawls are so wonderfully soft, elastic and super easy to put on and design as you wish. Always only went with khimar because it was easy. But with these shawls I seriously doubt I will go back to khimar. They are SO delicious!
Warm recommendation from here!
— Yasmin D.
I have bought a few different things at Hidayah.dk, i.a. their scrunchies both satin and chiffon can both be recommended! I bought diamond chiffon from their hijab and you really can't see through unless the sun is shining directly in, it's so covering! Their Rib Jersey is super delicious here in the summer heat! So cool and great stretch! And the stitching in their hijabs sit so nicely on their heads! All recommendation their way! And the prices are really affordable.
— Julie C.
My first purchase from Hidayah was their silk scrunhie, which is gentle and good on the hair. Since then I have been hooked. The other day I bought their three in one offer, two ripped jerseys and a chiffon scarf. It really is value for money and is so well spent! Not the last time I buy from Hidayah :)
— Alina L.
Fantastic webshop bought plain jersey and it's not the last time!!
— Maano Y.
They are super fast and good at guiding you and delivery is fast.
— Patricia K.

Experience Quality

At Hidayah, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience when shopping online.
It is important to us that our customers get the feeling that the products they buy meet their expectations, without compromising on quality or service. And at the same time be able to offer this at the best prices on the market.

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