Diamond Jilbab 2-piece (Navy)

$50.00 $67.00

Diamond Jilbab, 2-piece with elastic sleeves and adjustable skirt.

When you choose a jilbab from Hidayah, you are choosing not only a garment that fulfills religious requirements, but also a symbol of beauty, modesty and dignity. Our jilbabs are suitable for both daily use, praying and special occasions that can help you express your personal style and faith. 

Our 2-piece jilbab is designed for the modern woman. To make her feel comfortable and well dressed. Our jilbab has the perfect fit. And gives you the feeling that it was designed for you.

This is the jilbab model we usually recommend for especially the shorter women due to it being in a shorter length of the upper part than our other 2-piece jilbab model named "Nidha Jilbab 2-piece"


Størrelsesguide (cm)
- Overdels længde bagtil (fra skulder til ende): 145cm
- Nederdels længde: 105cm 
(kan reguleres i højden afhængig af hvor højt man sætter den) 


Egnet til maskinvask - Max 60°
- Dog anbefales det at man vasker i 40°, for at skåne materialet mest muligt og derved udvinde længere holdbarhed.

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