Quality Ripped Jersey (Watermelon)

$14.00 $19.00

Dark blue Ripped Jersey

Ripped jersey is the new thing!

Nice quality jersey that appears smooth and shiny and sits perfectly on the head.
Crease-free material that makes it easy to handle everyday challenges.

If you are into jersey, but need something "new", then ripped jersey is the next thing you should try.


One-Size two-piece jilbab, can be adjusted in the width of the skirt with ties and in height.

(Our model is 170cm tall)


100% nidha

(Soft silky material. The sleeves have elastic.


Sjalet tåler maskinvask, dog max 40 grader.

- Vi anbefaler altid at vaske det i hånden eller på skåneprogram, netop for længst mulig holdbarhed.

- Sjalet tåler ligeledes tørretumling, men dette frarådes også for længst mulig holdbarhed.