Premium Plain Jersey Shawl Stretchy (Laurel)

$14.00 $19.00

One-Size two-piece jilbab, can be adjusted in the width of the skirt with ties and in height.

(Our model is 170cm tall)


The Plain Jersey Shawl is a versatile and stylish scarf, designed by Hidayah. 
This shawl is made from soft and stretchy jersey viscose, that feels comfortable and gentle against the skin. With its simple and timeless look, this hijab can be used for many different occasions and hijabstyles, making it a must-have item for any hijabi wardrobe.

Plain Jersey comes in a wide selection of beautiful colors to suit every preference and outfit. It has fantastic coverage and can therefore be used both with and without amta/undercap. 


100% nidha

(Soft silky material. The sleeves have elastic.


Sjalet tåler maskinvask, dog max 40 grader.

- Vi anbefaler altid at vaske det i hånden eller på skåneprogram, netop for længst mulig holdbarhed.

- Sjalet tåler ligeledes tørretumling, men dette frarådes også for længst mulig holdbarhed.

- For længere levetid af elastisiteten frarådes brug af skyllemiddel!