As-salamu aleikum dear sisters,
Then we got autumn started with a lot of new products in beautiful autumn colours.

September has been a very challenging month.
We experienced, among other things, having our webshop shut down for no valid reason and had to struggle to get this problem resolved.
It took us about a week, but we are now back even stronger and even wiser.

It has also been a trial for us, where we have been confirmed in how much we want Hidayah, as many in a similar situation would have thrown in the towel and turned the key.
Alhamdulillaah, we are still here!

The month of September has also been the starting point for our major expansion with both jilbabs, abayas and accessories.
This has opened doors to a whole new clientele.
Huge welcome to you all! 😊

The month of October will be another month in which we expand our range.

Here, much more focus will also be placed on our social media platforms, where we will come out and show and tell more about our products.

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May Allah grant you a blessed October, ameen. 🤲🏻
October 03, 2022 — Djamilla Umm Meena

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